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Successful Fruit Fly Extermination Methods Valrico, FL


Fruit flies are a hazard to human health. They spread diarrheal illnesses. Their hairy bodies and sticky foot pads can carry germs and bacteria from sites that have been contaminated. Fruit flies are a common pest, especially in the kitchen and other food storage areas. This is because of the fact that their favorite source of nutrition is rotting or fermented fruit and veggies. They also make homes in drains, garbage disposals, mop buckets, garbage cans, and recycling bins, even spilled drinks under a fridge can be a home for them. All they need is a thin layer of organic material.

These small insects can be rather hard to get rid of once inside your home, and can lead to quicker spoilage of any foods they happen to lay their eggs on.

The Fruit fly prefers the kitchen. The key to successful extermination of Fruit flies is sanitation. Eat, refrigerate, or depose of any ripe produce. Immediately clean up any spills from cooking or eating. Clean garbage and recycling bins on a regular basis. Rinse any cans and bottles before throwing them away.

Beer and wine can be used as a Fruit fly trap when they are an irritation in the home. Because of the bacteria they carry, Fruit flies can get into beer or wine during these early fermentation stages and transform them into vinegar.

Make sure all screens in doors and windows fit tightly and have no rips or tears. Fruit flies are perhaps the pest that is most tied to the original source of its infestation, that is to say once food or trash is gone, there is often nothing in the house that will tempt the Fruit fly to stay.

At Safari Pest Control we utilize a number of different methods and products to get rid of Fruit flies. The use of glue board traps that are infused with either a pheromone or sweet attractant is one method. The Fruit fly will land on the surface thinking they have found a meal and will be stuck to the trap. There are also several different chemicals we can use safely to help exterminate them. Using drain foams will assist in getting rid of these insects so you can be confident knowing that we have the exact program to knock these flies out while keeping your family safe.

For more information on successful Fruit Fly extermination methods in Valrico, FL and surrounding areas, call Safari Pest Control. It's a jungle out there!