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Stop Rodents Hillsborough County l Safari Pest Control, LLC

It is summer now and rats and mice are searching for food. These rodents can enter your home in their quest, if conditions are right. They transmit all kinds of diseases which are unsafe for humans. So, we recommend that Hillsborough County residents take some necessary steps to prevent entry into your home.

Stop rodents in their tracks, before they get inside! Rats and mice need shelter to have their young. They also need food and water. Entry can be through an opening as small as a penny. Go around the exterior of the home, keeping a look out for gaps, cracks, or holes where they can gain access. Safeguard vents, doors, windows, crawl spaces and spots where electrical wires and cables, or plumbing come through the walls. Air conditioning risers are also a common access point for rodents to enter an attic and find their way into your home.

Just a little effort on your part can be the catalyst, preventing a rodent infestation or not. Steel wool can be used to fill an opening in your AC riser. Fill all holes in the perimeter of your home with cement, caulk, screen, etc... Be sure every vent is in good condition with suitable covers to keep rodents out. The garage door should shut snuggly with no gaps! Keep the lawn mowed and trimmed. Trash cans should have tight fitting lids. Debris should be piled away from the home. A methodical assessment is key to prevention.

Call Safari Pest Control, LLC to find out more about how to stop rodents before they get in!  We service Hillsborough County, Florida. It's a jungle out there!


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