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Stink Bug Extermination Services Brandon, FL


Stink Bugs are tough insects. They can survive great hardship.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is an invasive species that arrived in the U.S. from Asia. The Stink Bug earned its name from its predisposition to release an odor when disturbed or flattened. Many other insects have the same traits, including some species of ants, beetles, and other bugs.

Adult Stink Bugs feed on fruits and the nymphs, or immature Stink Bugs feed on leaves, stems, and fruit.

In late fall the Stink Bug tries to find shelter from the weather. The adult Stink Bug enters the home from time to time when hunting for overwintering sites. During the cold winter months, Stink Bugs begin a type of hibernation called diapause. While in this condition, they do not feed nor reproduce. You will see them start to be active again in early spring. During warm months they often assemble in mass on the sides of buildings.

Stink Bugs like to be together. When they find an appropriate place to spend the winter they release an aggregation pheromone to let others know. This pheromone is not the same chemical that gives them their foul odor.

Stink Bugs can be found throughout most of the country and can be destructive to crops. They are not known to bite humans, however their penchant for invading homes make them a real nuisance. To prevent Stink Bugs from entering your home, out buildings, or your business, seal cracks around windows, doors, siding, plumbing, electrical service entries, and any other point of entry. Use of caulk and rescreening windows and doors can go a long way in restraining this bug.

In the event of an infestation inside your home, building or business a licensed pest control operator should be called to evaluate and gauge the problem. The pest pro should then communicate the degree of the problem and his plan and process for exterminating the bug with the safest, most effective methods offered.   

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