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Safe Effective Stink Bug Pest Control Methods Tampa Bay, FL

Stink Bug numbers are high this year, most likely double those of last year.

 The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is an all-encompassing species that arrived in the U.S. from Asia. The Stink Bug received its name from its tendency to release an odor when bothered or trampled. Several other species of insects have the same uniqueness, including beetles, ants, and other bugs.

Most stink bugs eat only plants and can cause a good deal of damage to a garden. They use piercing and sucking mouthparts to penetrate the outer skin of a plant and feed on its juices. There are some species of Stink Bugs that are predatory but they are not harmful to humans. These stink bugs feed on the fluids of caterpillars and other pest insects.

In late fall the Stink Bug looks for shelter from the weather. The adult Stink Bug intermittently enters the home and other structures when seeking a winter refuge. They resurface early in the spring, becoming  very lively once again, accumulating on the sides of buildings in warmer weather.

While seen throughout the majority of the country, they are known for how damaging they can be to crops. They are not known to bite humans, however their inclination to invade homes make them a real annoyance. To prevent Stink Bugs from entering your home, out buildings, or your business, seal cracks around doors, windows, plumbing, siding, electrical service entries, and any other point of entry. Rescreening  windows and doors, and use of caulk can go a long way in controlling this bug.

If your home, out buildings or business becomes infested you may want to hire a professional pest control technician to assess and review the problem. He should then convey the level of the problem and his plan to eliminate the bug with the safest, most effective methods accessible.   

To learn more about safe, effective Stink Bug pest control methods in Tampa Bay, FL and surrounding areas call Safari Pest Control, LLC.  We also service Riverview, Wesley Chapel, and Temple Terrace.  It's a jungle out there!