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Quality Pest Control for Red Imported Fire Ants Lakeland, FL


The Red Imported Fire Ant has had an economic impact in every area where it has been introduced. Once a young Fire Ant colony is suitably established and has a few thousand workers, it can quickly develop into a mature colony with tens of thousands of ants. Small colonies develop into large colonies very quickly if there is no competition from bigger colonies nearby.

Most people don't know that Red Imported Fire Ants actually bite and sting at the same time. The Red Imported Fire Ants get their name from their ability to inflict painful stings. These reddish brown ants are an insidious species found all over in the southern U.S.  Originally they came from central South America, arriving in the U.S. in 1930. They were first seen in Mobile, Alabama and then moved into Florida. Today they infest more than 260 million acres in the Southern states.

The Red Imported Fire Ant builds huge mound nests that are flat and irregular in shape. The nests  are anywhere from 2 - 4 square feet and often brought into new areas through potted plants, trees, shrubs, and sod. They usually nest in soil near building foundations or in landscaping. Although these ants are mostly found outdoors they can gain entry to buildings through foundation cracks, improperly sealed doors and windows. 

The Fire Ant will sting humans who disturb it's nest. The sting can be very painful and often result in a raised welt that becomes a white pustule. If you disturb a Fire Ant mound it is likely you will experience numerous stings from at least a few ants. Some people have terrible allergies to the sting of a Fire Ant and will need medical attention and  perhaps antibiotics.

Inspections around the home to restrain the ant from entering is the first step to avoiding an infestation. Sealing any and all ways they might enter the home is vital. Granular baits can be broadcast around the home's exterior. Keep wood debris away from the house also keep the lawn mowed and trimmed around the home. Because most home remedies believed to kill Fire Ants do not work, in serious infestations you may need to retain the help of a quality pest control professional who may also recommend chemical treatments in combination with the above mentioned methods.

For more information on quality pest control for Red Imported Fire Ants in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas call Safari Pest Control. It's a jungle out there!