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Quality Ghost Ant Pest Control Treatments Riverview, FL


The Ghost Ant also known as the Black Headed Ant is very tiny, usually less than 1/16 of an inch in length. The Ghost Ant has a grayish white thorax and a black head. It can be hard to see on some surfaces in the home because of their pale, almost opaque abdomen.

The Ghost Ant prefers a warm climate, so Florida is a suitable place for these ants to thrive. Places in the home you may find the Ghost Ants are in wall voids, cabinets, the soil of potted plants and running along the baseboards. The Ghost Ant typically nests outside in plant soil, under rocks, in and around firewood, logs, and tree cavities.

They forage for food, entering your home in search of sweet items, including syrup, candy, honey and sugars. Ghost Ants require large amounts of water for survival, so you will often find them trailing in the kitchen and bathroom.

Often a new colony is formed after a reproductive ant and several worker ants decide to move to a new nesting site. This process is called budding. Once the Ghost Ant enters the home they will often build a nest inside the walls or other voids that are isolated and undisturbed.

The Ghost Ant can be difficult to eradicate. In most cases spraying alone will not get the job done! Careful inspections and planning must go into a program to rid your home of these tiny invaders.  The strategic use of baits, sprays, and dusts will usually be required for total eradication. This program should also include exterior perimeter treatments. In some cases the infestation can become so large you might need professional help.

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