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Professional Ghost Ant Pest Control Services Tampa Bay, FL


The Ghost Ant is a nuisance ant. They are a tropical ant species, found in tropical and subtropical latitudes in the United States, particularly in central and southern South Florida. The Ghost Ant is in the same genus as the Odorous House Ant.

Controlling Ghost Ants requires time and patience. Due to the fact there can be numerous nesting sites, these ants are normally best left to pest control professional.

The Ghost Ant also known as the Black Headed Ant is teensy, generally less than 1/16 of an inch in length. It has a grayish white thorax and a black head. In Malaysia they are identified as "corpse ants" because of the unpleasant odor they emit when squashed. They can be very difficult to see on certain surfaces in the home due to their pale, almost opaque abdomen.

The Ghost Ant will always choose a warm climate, so Florida is a perfect location for these ants to prosper. You may find the Ghost Ants in wall voids, between cabinetry, the soil of potted plants and running along the baseboards of your home. The Ghost Ant normally nests outside in plant soil, under rocks, in and around firewood, logs, and tree cavities.

Ghost ants prefer to feed on honeydew and other insects, but once inside they will eat anything sweet (hence the nickname of “sugar ant”). They hunt for food, coming into your home  seeking sweet items, including candy, syrup, honey and sugars. It is necessary for Ghost Ants to have sizeable amounts of water for their existence, therefore you will likely find them trailing in the kitchen and bathroom.

Regularly a new colony is started after a reproductive ant and several worker ants choose to reposition themselves to a new nesting spot. This process is called budding. Once the Ghost Ant enters your home they will often build a nest inside the walls or other voids that are separate and calm.

The Ghost Ant can be complicated to do away with. In most cases spraying alone will not get the job done! Deliberate evaluation and careful planning must go into a program to purge your home of these petite intruders.  The tactical use of baits, sprays, and dusts will most often be necessary for total exclusion. This service should also include exterior perimeter treatments. In some cases the incursion of these ants can become so sizeable you will probably need professional help. Safari Pest Control offers affordable, effective pest control services with treatment plans to fit every situation.

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