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Pest are exactly that...PESTS. They are nuisances that can be destructive. They are affecting the environment continuously. When we come in contact with these pests we might make the common mistake of thinking they are minor problems. Our natural reaction is to take matters into our own hands. Sometimes the problem gets solved quickly and everything is fine, until...the disgusting pest returns

So, what if you notice a reoccurring problem with these pests in your home and yard? Is it wise to continue to take matters into your own hands? There are many different kinds of pests.  Learning the habits and life cycles of these pests are critical to eliminating them permanently. We often need the services of a professional pest expert. With his knowledge and the products available to him these pests can be dealt with quickly and safely.

When hiring a pest professional be SURE they are licensed and insured and don't be afraid to ask for references. Be certain the pest pro understands your issues and conducts a thorough inspection to accurately identify the pest.

Living in climates like Florida with the constant humidity and the heavy rains leave an open invitation for lawns and homes to become attractive nesting places for pests to continue breeding and spreading germs, which in some instances can lead to harmful effects and damage.  It's a jungle out there..... So the questions is: why take the risk with your families health and your largest investment, your home?

In short, with pest control evolving the way it has in the past 20 years, why not call the pros at Safari Pest Control where we use the latest EPA approved products, the most effective and safest methods available in eliminating pests today.  Safari Pest Control, LLC is the affordable answer to all your pest control and extermination needs. Serving the Tampa area.

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