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Pest Control Fleas Home Remedies vs. Professionals Tampa Bay

The video, How to get rid of fleas with household items has some good ideas.  But if you are not up to the challenge and just want them gone, we at Safari Pest Control are the professionals that can help. PET OWNERS, did you know, you should take flea bites seriously. Fleas are not only a nuisance to humans but can create serious health issues for your pets. Pets who have fleas can get tapeworms, anemia, severe itching and other diseases. Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of their host such as pets or humans. Female fleas drink the equivalent of fifteen times her own body weight in blood. SO, not only do you need to treat your pets, you should have their habitat treated also. (house & lawn) Fleas can bite up to 400 times per day.

Let the professionals at Safari Pest Control help get rid of your fleas today. Home remedies vs. the professionals.  You choose. 

Safari Pest Control is the expert in flea control, using the most effective method s and safest products to eliminate a flea infestation.  We stand behind our work with a warranty for your piece of mind.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

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