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Pest Control Bed Bug Encasements Temple Terrace, FL


If you do not yet have bed bugs, an encasement may be a good preventive measure for keeping bed bugs out of your box springs and mattress.

So many people when finding out they have bed bugs think they must immediately discard their mattress and box springs.  This can be very expensive.

Today we can keep these items and save a lot of money by using covers or encasements. Box springs, mattress, and pillow covers that are produced today are 100% certified bug bite proof. Many of these encasement brands offer iron clad guarantees. Not any mattress cover or encasement will do. The reason is that bed bugs are able to escape through the fiber of ordinary covers. Bed bugs are also able to find their way through the loose design of the zipper unless it is specially designed. Using an encasement that was not specially designed for bed bugs will actually make matters worse than not using an encasement at all. And using an chemically impregnated cover is often confused with mattress encasements. It is important to realize that the chemically impregnated covers are radically different than bed bug encasements both in concept and function. We recommend encasements. You need to encase both the mattress and the box spring (if you have one).

Once your bed bug approved mattress and box spring encasements are in place it will keep the bed bugs inside along with any eggs that hatch. These bugs will soon die for lack of feeding. The encasements should never be removed from the bed once installed. Take care not to tear or puncture the encasement.

A good encasement should:

  • Keep bed bugs on your old mattress or box spring inside the encasement and away from you;
  • Keep bed bugs from infesting a new mattress or box spring;
  • Ensure any new bed bug activity is outside the encasement, and therefore more easily spotted.

Along with a quality bed bug elimination plan the encasements will help eradicate these bad boys once and for all.

For more information on a pest control and bed bug encasements call Safari Pest Control, serving Temple Terrace and surrounding areas.  At Safari Pest Control we will get the job done affordably  and efficiently.