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Pantry pests contaminate food! The contaminants consist of live insects, cocoons, webbing, feces, caste skins, dead carcasses, and sometimes bacterial decay. Infested food is covered with silky webbing and excretion from the larvae, leaving it unattractive and inedible.

If there is one thing that will draw bugs into your home faster than any other, it is the presence of food that has not been properly sealed up and put away. This can be a particular problem in pantries and other areas where food is kept before being prepared.

There are so many different pests that can infest a pantry that a professional must invest in a wide variety of control measures that are effective for each particular pest at any given time.

Pantry moths are a common pest that can cause problems in and around food storage areas. Other pests that frequently enter a pantry or food storeroom creating problems are roaches, ants, and rodents. Some of the most familiar pantry pests in our area are flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, meal worms, grainary weevils, rice weevils, grain moths, sweet potato weevils, flour moths, lesser grain borers, bean weevils, warehouse beetles, etc...

In most cases the infestation in the food items were already present when the food was purchased. Proper food storage is very important to reduce the likelihood that an infestation will occur.  Make sure containers are sealed and tear resistant. Most often you won't even know of an infestation until you open a package of an rarely used food product or you see the presence of flying or crawling adults in the pantry.

Once you notice an infestation you must remove the contaminated food products, and thoroughly clean the pantry, including cracks and crevices. Once sanitary control is achieved you must make an effective control and extermination attempt. There are many pheromone traps and chemical treatments to accomplish this. This process is best handled by a professional who has the knowledge of each different pest and is equipped to conduct the correct treatment program for each of them.

Safari Pest Control, LLC offers pantry pest extermination services in Brandon, FL and the surrounding areas.