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Monthly Commercial Extermination Services Plant City


The savvy landlord and or property manager knows that a high turnover in tenants cost money.

Does your apartment building really need monthly extermination? Absolutely!

We have seen time and time again when landlords have chosen to only perform pest control on an as needed basis, only responding when a tenant calls with a rat or roach sighting and it ending up costing more than anticipated.

Most professional exterminators agree that monthly preventative maintenance is key to preventing a full-fledged infestation. A building that has a high population of these pests is not only costly to correct, but could also make for an uninhabitable situation. It is amazing how often monthly extermination programs are overlooked.

Setting up a regular extermination schedule and choosing the right company is critical for protection from infestations at apartments and other commercial buildings. The knowledgeable property manager or landlord must keep in mind that infestations effect the bottom line of the performance of the asset, period! Be it through costly room to room clean outs or through the high turnover of tenants, not controlling these nasty invaders from the beginning can bite you in the end.

At Safari Pest Control we offer tailored programs to fit the needs of managers and investors from small to large properties. Call us for more information on monthly commercial extermination services in Plant City and how we employ methods of pest control that are effective, safe and economical. Our job is to solve your pest problems and keep your tenants happy. Safari Pest Control, LLC is licensed and insured, and our experienced technician will take immediate action to rid your business investment of unwanted pests.

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