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Fleas are a common and annoying pest that are often encountered in your home.  They are usually associated with homes that have pets, like dogs and cats. They attach themselves to your pets when they are outside.  The fleas make their way into the house, start an infestation and will then live in the carpet and on furniture. 

They survive by biting and feeding on the blood of both animals and humans living in the house.  Their bites leave red welts that often itch, and can possibly spread blood borne diseases.  Knowing the possible health risks make getting rid of the fleas a priority if your home is infested, not to mention the annoying bites. 

Cleaning is the first step to flea extermination.  The best method is vacuuming the carpet in the entire house.  The fleas can easily make themselves at home in the fibers of carpet and will lay their eggs on these fibers.  Therefore, vacuuming before and after any treatment to remove flea bodies and eggs is especially important. 

The most commonly used method of flea control/elimination is the use of some sort of pesticide.  These pesticides, when used correctly are perfectly safe to use around the house.  These products should be used by someone who can clearly read and understand the product labels.  Use all recommended precautions. 

It is important when choosing a control method to understand the life cycle of the flea.  The female flea must feed on blood before it is able to reproduce.  The life cycle begins when the female lays batches of up to 20 eggs after feeding.  The eggs are deposited on the host itself then roll to the ground which is usually an area where the host sleeps, becoming the primary home of the developing flea.  It only takes 2 days to 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch.  Females can lay 500 or more eggs in a lifetime. 

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