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When you think of mothballs, it's usually to throw some in a box of stored clothing or a few in the garage to deter pests. My mother put some in the coat closet once when we were young my brother ate one. He had to be rushed to the hospital. He lived, but turned a nasty shade of red, starting at the forehead and working its way down. Needless to say she didn't use them the way they were intended.

If you are thinking of using mothballs to discourage clothes moths or fabric pests there are a couple things to consider. The EPA actually regulates Mothballs here in the good old USA. Read the label when using mothballs or any other pesticides, it will supply you with all you need to know about using this item legally, including how and where to use it. Did you know that mothballs can hurt our surroundings and harm people and our pets if used incorrectly. When not used correctly it can be illegal. We have a lot of different pests here in the Tampa Bay area and you may want to consider an established pest control company instead.

If you decide to use the mothballs in clothing you are going to store, make sure you have a snug fitting lid on the container. Noxious fumes can build up in your home if you are careless. Breathing these fumes is a definite No No for you, your family and your pets. When used properly the fumes build up in the containers and eliminate the fabric pests, not you.

Putting them in your gardens and other areas where you want to regulate critters and insects is a mistake. It won't ward off the snakes that live here in Tampa Bay either, but it can be harmful to pets and children who could find them laying around. (like my brother, maybe that is what happened to him. Just kidding) It can pollute plants, soil, and water. Please make sure that you follow the directions on the label.

If you would prefer peace of mind and don't really want to tackle do it yourself type pest control, call Safari Pest Control, LLC. We will take care of all this for you, while you relax and get a pest free guarantee. We are an established pest control company and offer quarterly pest control treatments which keeps you under warranty year round. We service Tampa Bay, Seffner, Brandon, and Valrico, FL. It's a jungle out there!

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