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Brown Widow Pest Control Tampa Bay, FL


The Brown Widow has a unique "spiky" egg sac.

When the subject of nasty spiders come up we usually think of the notorious Black Widow spider. Her shiny black body with that famous red hour glass marking on the underside of the abdomen is an image that readily comes to mind.

In Florida however, there are three other Widows to contend with: the Northern Black Widow, the Red Widow and the Brown Widow. The Brown Widow being prominent in our area.

In the mid to late 90's an outbreak of the Brown Widow occurred in North and Central Florida. People are finding the Brown Widow everywhere, including cars, trucks, and RV's; and that is probably the way this spider was dispersed to the area. They have become more dominant than the Black Widow around the Tampa Bay area. You can find these creepy crawlers on the outside of homes around windows, eves, and entry ways.

Because they vary from light tan to dark brown, (almost black) with variable markings of black, white, yellow, orange, or brown on the back of their abdomens, Brown Widows are not as easy to recognize. The underside of the abdomen, if you can see it, contains the distinctive hour glass marking. Unlike the Black Widow, the hour glass on the Brown Widow is orange to yellowish orange.

The egg sac of a Brown Widow is very different from those of the other widow spiders. Instead of the smooth white to tan surface, the outside of the Brown Widow egg sac is covered with pointed projections giving it a very distinct appearance. They will nest in any out of the way place around the home.

With effective spider control efforts and routine cleaning and treating these spiders can be controlled or even eliminated from your home.

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