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Affordable Acrobat Ant Extermination Brandon, FL.


Acrobat ants could be compared to carpenter ants on a much smaller scale. The abdomen appears to be heart shaped when observed from above. From the side view, the abdomen is raised higher than the main part of the body.  These ants can vary in color, from dark to yellowish brown. The abdomen being darker than the rest of the body. Even though they have a stinger, they rarely use it. Rest easy, because the acrobat ant is not a health concern.  However, they do discharge a offensive odor when distressed.

They got their name 'acrobat ant' from the way they hold their abdomens up in the air when in danger or if they are running. They look like they are performing acrobatic stunts.

Acrobat ants are the foremost arboreal ant species found in the Northern Florida forests. They don't construct the usual type of ant mounds in your yard the way other ant species do. Outdoors they favor living in hollow tree openings and decaying logs and stumps. Inside they search for empty spaces or voids, as well as discarded carpenter ant nests, termite galleries, and insulation.

They nourish themselves with an assortment of foods including other ants, sweet foods, and proteins. If you notice invading ants, look for an apparent trail which can be easily followed to locate precisely where the ants are coming in at. Acrobat ants don't react as well to baits as other ant species do. You may need to consult with a pest professional on the type of extermination treatment needed.

In addition to eliminating the colony, it is crucial to do a systematic inspection both inside and out for any extra trails, hiding spots, and entry points. Make sure to treat each site where acrobat ant movement is found or suspected in order to kill all existing ants and prevent further colonies from budding.

Find a pest control or extermination company that offers a good price and will give you a free estimate. To learn more about affordable acrobat ant extermination in Brandon, FL and surrounding areas, call Safari Pest Control, LLC. It's a jungle out there!